Why Insulate?

Overall Building Cost Reductions
Pest Control
Fire Proofing

How does your home lose heat and cool?

Overall Building Cost Reductions
Better Insulation can save you a lot of money by reducing your building costs if you are building a new home…

By using Better Insulation, you can:

Reduce the size of your furnace or heating unit.
Reduce the size of your air conditioning unit.
In some climates, and with foam insulation especially, you can eliminate the need for the expensive “house wrap” plastic sheeting. (speak with the building inspector)
These reductions alone can save you thousands of dollars in building costs!
Speak with someone who knows… Contact your local electric company. Ask for the person who runs their Energy Efficient Housing Program. Just ask the following question. You will be surprised at all the information you will get…

“I am building a new home. Should I use fiberglass batting or should I use better insulation?”

Then, when they tell you about how they recommend Cellulose or Foam or any of the alternatives available, and why, come back here and contact a Better Insulation Contractor on this site! (Being public servants, they can’t recommend a particular company, but they do recommend Better Insulation and will tell you how much money you can save!)

The following shows the percent of energy use for various functions in the typical home.

Home Space Heating 50.0%
Water Heating 15.3%
Lighting 6.8%
Home Space Cooling 6.4%
Refrigeration 4.6%
Electronics 2.8%
Washer/Dryer 3.2%
Cooking 3.9%
Computers .6%
Other 3.9%

Heating and cooling the building take 56 percent of the energy. This is the most important and most difficult use of home energy to address because it is a function of the building envelope – the floor, walls, ceiling (or roof) and the openings that penetrate the envelope. If a person plans to live a long time in their current home, then retrofitting the envelope may be necessary. This could include adding insulation to areas of the envelope that can be easily accessed such as the attic and crawlspace or basement.